How To Pan Card Online Download

In today’s post, I will tell that you can download your How To Pan Card Online.

How To Pan Card Online Download

You can download your original PAN card online, to download this PAN card, you need to have an Aadhaar number or enrollment number, if you have applied a new PAN card, you have the slip, or you shopkeeper where your application Already done,

You can take a slip from there and download your PAN card, if you did not come to your home by PAN card, or whatever is the problem, then you can download your PAN card from your enrollment number or Aadhaar number. Can.

You have to type in Google How To Pan Card Online Download

ePan download you have to click in it, or after clicking download ePan NSDL at the top, you have to enter your enrollment number here, then click on submit, if you have your PAN card number, if PAN card You made up first.

It is lost or it is getting old, it is ripped. If you have a PAN card number through it, if you want to download the PAN card, then the post is written on it. Now you can enter your PAN card by entering the PAN card number. Once downloaded, you will be charged ₹ 8, which is absolutely free, you have to enter the enrollment number.

After that Captcha has to enter.

After this, you have to click on Submit, after doing this, you have shown it on the enrollment number or the mobile number in which it is placed, and here is this mail id, if you have any mail id, then it should be You can put it in. OTP will be put to OTP, you can easily download your PAN card.

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I have an email ID on this, but I correct it, because I have the customer’s mobile number of the customer, then I have entered the email ID in all the PAN cards, then click on Generate OTP here. , If you have both, then you have to click on it more than yes.

How To Pan Card Online Download

After that, you can click on the generator OTP, you can click on many things, then let me click on Generate OTP, then after that my email reached the OTP, it is valid for 10 minutes, OTP You will have to put the OTP that will come on the email of here.

Enter OTP, you have to enter it, then click on Validate, after clicking Validate when your PAN Card app will be downloaded, absolutely original

After doing this, the PAN card you have, it will be downloaded but here is the PDF for the PAN card, which is written download ePan card PDF only download in XML,

How To Pan Card Online Download

What is in it, you get the details in the different way but you have to click here, to download the PAN card, download the e-card PDF, so I have clicked on it, after clicking on it you have the PAN card, You can see it is being downloaded, and this download has been completed.

After this you have your PAN card, but it will also open in this way, to open the PAN card in it, now put the security code in it, so as you will know, when you download the Aadhaar card, you also have to enter the password in it. .

How To Pan Card Online Download

But the password is different in this, in it the password is in the Aadhar card, it has four letters of name and last year but you have to put date of birth like Puri’s date of birth is 01/01/1990, then you have to put 01011990. You have to put the space in between. Do not apply.

After this, you have to click on open, you can give the PAN card has been downloaded, it is written Income Tax Department of India Government Government of India ePan Permanent Account Number or PAN Card Any Permanent Account Number is on your top, this PAN Card Number is complete details can also be given full name, you name is date of birth and the photo signature of the gender written in it is the PAN card below.

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This is how much you have to keep a PAN card, here you have to cut it as a mark of cutting. Like Aadhaar card, take it to the back side, your PAN card number is BW HP is complete from start or name is Father Name Date of Birth. And here is the signature, you can download your PAN card from your enrollment number by another way of candidate.

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