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Anganwadi Data Entry Start CSC Login

As I would like to tell you that Anganwadi Data Entry Start has started in CSC Login. If you are a resident of UP, then you will definitely see the post last. Reading this post carefully will show you how to start Anganwadi Data Entry.

In This Post:

  • What is the commission there for Anganwadi Data Entry Start?
  • Complete details mean complete information on how to work.
  • And from which portal you have to start data entry work.
  • Where and how will I get work?

I will give you the link below from which portal you have to start data entry work. Copy that link and paste it in the browser like above, if you copy paste, then here you will say Login with Digital Seva Connect.

Anganwadi Data Entry Start CSC Login

Here your user ID password will be asked, you will login by giving your user ID password, then you will get to see the button of Proceed, click on Proceed. If you click in it, it will open a page like this. This page will open in front of you, Anganwadi beneficiary registration will be seen here first and will show its state.

Then you have to set your district, take care here, whichever data you enter, whatever Anganwadi data will be entered here. His address means to fill up his address. Although it is not going to be from the state of district but you can. If the block is changed as if it was given to another block which is given to you to enter the data of Anganwadi, then at that time your block will also be changed.

Anganwadi Data Entry Start CSC Login

Anganwadi Data Entry has to be started, accordingly everything has to be selected here. Accordingly, you would also select blocks and this is not so special, you can do this very easily. Ok, let me tell you how you will get these details.

Where and how will I get work?

To do this work, Anganwadi will give you a PDF or a file. Xerox, etc., here you will see the distik written or whatever distick is below, you will set the name of the block of the project name. Look here in our project AWC means Anganwadi center name Anganwadi center code AWN Anganwadi worker name Anganwadi worker mobile number. Here he will give you all the details first.

Anganwadi Data Entry Start

If you want to fill up the same details there, then, as shown here, it has been given in this PDF as it has been put here to bean, here it would have come here so that the block set here will set the gram panchayat. You will see the Gram Panchayat, it has been written here that the village Panchayat has been set, and the village has been set, select it.

If something is not understood in that, then whoever has given you, whoever has been given to you by the Anganwadi worker, you have to ask it, then the Anganwadi code seen here will show here automatically. Scroll down and see here Anganwadi center name Anganwadi center worker name is found in this PDF.

Anganwadi center name can be typed in whatever name is there, look here, Anganwadi worker can type whatever name is there, you can type here mobile number is given in mobile option, you can put mobile number there Ho. So let’s fill them both quickly.

Anganwadi center name, Anganwadi worker name has been inserted and it will be automatic feeling. Will you be an adjective here or will the automatic field be the year 2020? Look at the campaign below. Option 1 Anganwadi Purpose MP You have to give the name of the block.

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If you are entering, then look here, Jahangirganj is written, so let’s fill this block, Anganwadi mobile number, the mobile number is found in the PDF. If you click here, look here ready to enter your data.

You will do data entry, how should information about it be correct or else it will not happen. Maybe there will be a mistake, so let me give that information to all of you, now after coming here, see once you have checked all the details which were filled in here. Here the same data is showing here.

So, here, look at the population of the Anganwadi area, who was given the first, then who will give you the same figure as the supervisor of the Anganwadi. Or the head who is there, will give you the figure that how much population is there in that area, he will give you.

This kind of diary is with all of them. There are all the details in the room diary and if you get to see the figure there, then that figure will tell you the same here, so suppose its figure is 870 then put 870 Look below, the description here is telling that 7 months to 7 years is fine, whose age is from 7 months to 3 years, the same is to be entered here.

Entry is very simple, you have this 123 456 78 whatever it is till 22:00, maybe so much that you see the box, then it is so much trouble, why not bother now, I tell you that here I will be the same again If I am showing the diary, then you will see this carefully in the diary, then all the details have been given to you in the box. In the same way, see the family member’s mobile number, identity card number, etc. given here.

Identification type of Aadhaar number and green is written here, now you can see where the option is green, you have to give this serial number first. For example, like serial number 123, as you continue to enter, it has to be given 123 such as the family number according to the family register, so it is asking according to the report.

So in this diary, I mean the whole detail which is the demo of your Anganwadi, what you will give, so you have to enter it by looking at it so that I have given it in this diary, if you want I can enter it now but I will not Because it belongs to another.

Now you will see here, according to the family register, the number of the family number is to be given here. Whoever will give you or give a diary, he will remain in it, then you have to name the child. You have to give the name of your father or mother, although you have to keep more chances of becoming the father’s name. It is okay to put the child’s age here.

Then whatever the rain month of the child is, you have to give it, after 3 years, you have to give it from 3 years, now see if the gender of the child is like male-female, then put it again. This is green red, the option is available here as I have shown earlier.

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Look here, in this one, only green is written, meaning green, it is okay to select green here, so that it will give you the data, in the same way, then the type of identity is Aadhaar or ration number. Set and enter the Aadhaar number, if the Aadhaar card is not made, then select the ration card of the family,

Enter the Ration Number, then the beneficiary family member’s mobile number is to be given for the admin, again you will open this box, then do another entry, click New again, then click on edit, and while clicking in the edit, you will do the same. .

For 6 years, if the same box is in it from the same men as the box in it, as much as the box itself, in the option below, now look below, the pregnant woman has to enter it, in this you have 7 to 3 years in it, 3 to 6 years pregnant woman in it. The option of ‘Seam to Sean’ means that the box you are going to see in it, the more box you will get to see in it, then the beneficiary women option is given to you separately.

Anganwadi Data Entry Start

Girls mean that the details of all those who do not go to school have to be filled separately. And as soon as you are full, now remember that you are working in this type of type, as if you are working in a pregnant woman’s time and if you also have data, then do an entry, click in edit again. Enter and click on Edit.

Do as much as you can, after that you have to fix it, fill up this captcha and click again.

Again you will get the option to make an entry, so you must have understood that it is very easy and for the commission of data entry, you will ask your District Manager once, how much commission is received in it. And if you get commission, then that commission will come, where will it come in DGP or Dgital seva Violet, it will come in it, it will ask once.

Anganwadi Data Entry Start CSC Login

You can start the rest of the work, the work has started, in this post, we will not be able to show you by entering data right now, because if the other is yours, if you had your own data, you would have shown the data by dropping the save. Must have got

Whoever will give you the data to enter data, the entire detail is being sought in the hand of Anganwadi. From this place, the diary that will be given in the copy or will be given in it, there will be full details in it, from two to beans.

Pick from the same copy or do typing will be to be so, just hope you have got all the information, if you liked the post then go to like the post.

Anganwadi Data Entry Start CSC Login >> Click Here

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