Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020

People can subscribe their minds and after pressing the bull hour, set it at All there, Friends can give some information about what things you need first before applying, then talk about Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020 is an important scheme launched by the government for unemployed youth of the state.

The educated unemployed people of Uttar Pradesh state who are searching for employment according to their education but due to weak economic conditions, they can make any government in non government job online. Can not apply.

Register Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020 today and get financial assistance of up to one thousand or fifteen hundred rupees from the government. In this scheme, the information related to the online application is as follows.

See who can register for the state’s Intermediate pass or graduation That is, the education of a graduate, that is, if you look from here, then you should be 10th to tenth, no matter how much money he is educated.

He should be educated. See from here Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020 allowance for 1000 not getting employment as financial help.

Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020

To avail of this scheme up to 15, you will have to go to the official website of Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020.

Then here have changed what should be the eligibility of the Allowance Scheme 2020 See should be a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh, under this scheme, of the applicant’s family.

Eligibility & Qualification & Documentation

The annual income for the application of Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020. The annual income should not be less than ₹ 300000/-, if seen here, it should be less than that.

In fact, the annual income of the applicant’s family under this scheme should be less than ₹ 300000 i.e. who can see it should be less than three lakhs, your annual income and the applicant should be at least 10th pass or more.

Then talked about the age of the applicant should be between 21 to 35 years from here, then the applicant Which documents will have to be given, you can see here

  • Aadhar card
  • Identity card,
  • Residence certificate,
  • Income certificate,
  • Educational qualification and mobile number,
  • Passport size photo,

how to apply, you can first see the link to this website If you find the disc in the Post, then click on it.

Live Demonstration

So,who take you to its official website and show you how you can see your application in whatever is in it, it is probably due to calling, you can see here that this link is due to you. Will be found in the post description.

Its interface will appear in this way and this link will be found in the daughter’s store, click here, then the case will be seen from here, then see what you have to do by clicking 3dot on the desktop site.

Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020

I have it by clicking on 3dot from here and after doing it from here, on the desktop side effects of side look at it, now let’s talk about it here, how to register you, if you see here then you have an option here On the other hand.

You can find it here for registration, so an option is being received for registration, then friends talk here, now we will come downwards, here you can see here, you can also register in a capital letter If we see an option, then we have to pay tax on this.

So, you will click on the birth registration and some interface will come out in front of you, so let’s talk here, there are some rules of this, you can see Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020 anytime, anywhere.

See here Notes are given to you. Before registering, you have to read it carefully, so see here, the password should be at least 8 and maximum 12 votes and friends are mandatory at least once and in 1 case in a lower case password.

I should also have at least one number and the password should also have at least 1 year character.

On this, special characters like friends have been given in their troubled exams. Here, let’s talk about how to register your online application now. From here we will come to the first number, see here, Ara will always let you live to choose.

It is only here on Jobseeker, here the employer has been given two options but here we have to let us stay on Job Seeker and here friends You have to give your name to a fill.

That you can see here, please give your name here on mobile number here, here your user id please ready like you can create user id with your name, here you can make id like if your name is amit Like.

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You have to write Amit and you have to write some count in front of it, you can create your user ID in this way, you can see here, I have written this way, so user-id can now be created in this way.

What you want is set according to your mind and you have to enter password here and you should have a email ID, which works, if you want to enter the email ID here, then after getting the mail ID, you will get this capture code here. To put on and then click on enter then let me come then.

After filling up the complete form, you can see that your mobile number or domicile is found here in the user ID, then the talking password is the password. And all of these have to be used in this.

Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020

So after entering the password in this way, you did not enter the email id, after the date, the captcha code is inserted here, after entering here, click on, after clicking it, you here So I can not show you and I do.

So you were talking about the next stick here, here was the mobile number which will be OTP for verification, then what is the captcha code you have to do to friends from here But we have to click on send OTP here and then friends, let’s put this capture code here.

Which is 5767, after putting this capture code, look at it here, send it to OTP but we do click and 200 will be OTP on your registered mobile number which you have entered and that OTP is against what we have here.

Have to give friends, see below, insert that tip here, is there an option, after putting it here, we have to click on login, then our OTP will come while waiting .

You can see here that your email ID you entered You have been sent the OTP on the mail ID as well and OTP will come on your sister mobile number as well.

so here you have to see in both of your friends, if you do not come on the mobile number then here which is in your account If you come, OTP number can be seen here.

The fill is here OTP 217 708 We have to put what is here and after inserting 1777, the two purges will enter here and click below, after clicking on enter, we see further that your registration is successful.

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If not, then after putting that tip here on friendship, the answer will go ahead, then the interface of this method is coming out in front of you, here you can see that you will have to do a new form which is a film.

All your registration will be considered complete. From here, the friends are seen, everything has been written in Hindi, your name is on number one, friends here, see your name, father’s name, date of birth, residential address.

Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020

level of education and job seeker, from here so check your profile by filling Have to do more from here.

So number two, see here, first you have to give personal information on two, contact and physical number three and on the educational fourth number of your qualification, then your language.

Then your skills then friends and experience here friends friends if you have any If you have done ITI diploma or whatever course, then you have to fill it here and it was big here, you can see it and here you have to fill the declaration form in the last.

After that you have to click on the submit button in the last you see here You can click on friends like number one, then we can see here after clicking on friends number one about personal and here your first name last name and from here gender male marital status father’s name Mother’s name should be noted here.

All the stars who are engaged, you need to do a fill, so you can give so many things here: Dharma certificate number and from here, you have to fill the start with the same, fill the district Auraiya.

After filling up the entire attack, you can see that you will have to upload a passport size photo here, here the photo will go to the file, remember, there is an option of a file below, click on it.

You will give us To upload the photo, click on upload the photo and then save here, after saving, friends will reach the next page next to you, then talk about the second next page, what do you do here in the next page.

if you have seen Ram in person here, if you have seen this contact, then click on the contact and what is to be done in contact, then see here, you have to fill your residential address, here.

In the residential address which is from the rural of the country, if the villagers are from the city, then you can select the city from here, where the villagers allow them to live and from here they can select their state Uttar Pradesh and the entire district development block After completing everything from here.

The PIN code will be saved; Talking on the body, will come here, after that, in the body, seeing from your length, weight, blood group vision, after filling it all, what is disabled if it is all here Everything is in Hindi.

Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020

After you have done everything in Hindi, but you have to secure it, if you talk about education, then perhaps in doubt, what do you have to do, can you give it? Yes, if you do, then your level of education will be asked here.

How much you have studied in the level of education, then you have to thank here, friends of which event you have studied up to now, do not belong here. For you can click here and come, so in this way you are really sure why Knowledge of language goes from here.

Let’s talk on the knowledge of the language,if you do not feel like watching English from here, from here, Hindi English, we have to add it, if you want to write speak English, everything comes here but change Can be safe to talk to.

Of the skill, click on the skill here, then after clicking on the skill, did you acquire any business training technical skill. Talking in the country was a polytechnic ITI. All done. If you do yes from here, then yes, if not.

You will not let me do it, then you will do yes, friends, after doing yes, then after that, then you will see an option to add new skills there, see it click here If you do, then you can fill your skills here.

So after the work experience shown here, that is the reason, is there any work experience, if yes, it is okay like, if you were alone on the apprenticeship, then fill it here What to say.

So from here, you can see the love that is the area, from here you can select the job, if you want a job, then you can choose from here, understand this way, the government central investigation government, from here.

Everyone can see the private city. Are you also interested in a part-time job, then from here you can answer it in yes no, friends can pay salaries from here, friends can be protected from here onwards.

From here all the information that you will keep on Philip, everything will show here, friends, you will see here, personal and contact here, the language translation of the physical witness has given all the information on its own.

Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020

It will show everything here. After seeing it here, I have to click on the check box here, after I have done it for the paper, if you secure it here, then your form will be successfully registered, then see friends in this way which is the Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration 2020.

You can apply online if you like post sitting at home from your mobile, please like it, then by commenting 7, how was the post .

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