CSC 3.0 What is it .

CSC 3.0 What is it, what is it going to gain, what is going to be a loss, will your earnings increase or decrease? If we are going to start.

let’s start and know that there is not so much about 3.0, but those who want to take CSC 3.0 What is it center will also be affected, those who are the old CSC center operators will also have to pay what they have now.

Yes we will If you have to pay for running your center, then there is some update, what is the plan, in today’s time I am going to give you company information before you.

Under CSC 3.0 any private agency can take the tender of the private vacancy group of agency under the tender drawn here in different districts of different states.

What will happen after the tender is taken? Delhi will be given to the department but in the midst of this, a third party will come to the center, which will be set in the middle, that is, the rate will be set by a service agency and then the speaker will become a share project.

The new District Service Provider CSP is to be selected for the implementation of CSC 3.0 which was given on August 2020. Under this, Common Service Centers, which are in any ruler area, are in your area in one lakh, assuming the area of ​​200000. Whatever the center is in, it can be for all 3 years who get it, tell me a few things.

Common Service Center Jan Suvidha Kendra in Distik Kanpur Dehat Uttar Pradesh CSC 3.0 is being searched which can give the facility of Operator and Common Service Center completely in Kanpur Country.

Different categories are Dot Government Service Tax Common Service Center The Distic Government Society comes and the Distic Informatics becomes an officer. The district has a lot to run under it.

Here all three are made from CSC department here, ₹ 10 is made here and the total share that is charged with solar energy is there. Dear and bear both have a share of ₹ 15, so I can have DSP of ₹ 5. DJ’s speakers also carry ₹ 10. It can be ₹ 7 to ₹ 7. You have not been given a date. DSP and if both oils are ₹ 15 or not.

What is there now, you will get ₹ 15 as commission, ₹ 15 will be declared and what will become of DSP and what will be made of DSP and what you will talk to your people over the people in whom you will work only here.

But if we talk about all the work done under a lot of creation, whatever the 400 to 500 service is done in the same way as described by Delhi, it will be owned by the DSP and at the same time the CSP operator will DSP will have to pay

Those who have to take a new center, they will have to pay money annually, the old CSC 3.0 center operators will have to pay money once, they will see 3 point to point to KG guidelines program here.

You will see here that the government customer care service is very important. If you do not pay at your center, you will be fined above it, you may have to give a penalty of ₹ 200 on Computer Center Center of the Interior in

Capital investment here, what will be the registration center for you, what is the registration center of the new center, you can come here and see that if you borrow from the area, you will have to pay a registration fee of ₹ 2000 for taking a new center in the rural area.

One time transfer from old activates will be recharged from them, while service charge from activation and roll out loud found guilt contact salary liver is also being told here that you are the following money so your DFC code district service provider If you are already running, you have to give it, but if you have found a new center here in the printer, you think differently if you

If you are blocking from urban area then you have to pay ₹ 500 if you are from rural area ₹ 300 if you are already active for rural area. You people are watching this video. Those people will have to decide if your district I come inside the BSP, ie, the Distick Service Provider takes the tender of an agency, what will be the amount of money, but what will you get from the people, then the service will get the fund.

Mast Digital Mode Only Recipe of Security will also be taken here. It can be given as Demand Draft which can be given by those who were Made By. 7:30 for urban area, ₹ 1000 for rural area, ₹ 500

Through Central, DSP has given to Establish a President of the Center Honor Construction and Creator, understand that they are the duty district service provider, they have to develop such a platform, who can also file a complaint and they will surely get over it. Will not be able to work and after that what you will get, then you have to pay whatever you have, if you have to deposit even once.

If any center of E-district wants to take the agency, it wants to take the agency, if it wants to take the tender, then it will have to do ₹ 100000, the agency will get 2000000 rupees for their district, then they will get commission for new and old metal work. That commission will be received and the earning of 2000000 rupees has been made, now let’s see the money will be more but more will be earned, more attention will be paid to the district.

There is much more here, you have been divided into more list of district that MDKDK district has been created in the category of category, it comes in its category, please write your name here Muzaffarnagar is Murdabad Sultanpur Hyderabad is in Lucknow, Varanasi is Lucknow Where there is more transaction, where there is more New Zealand, that too is my job.

CSC 3.0

You will be able to generate district, you will be able to generate a lot of work but you can see the name of service, you can see the hybrid seed subsidy, whatever it is, the time is also successful, the agricultural equipment subsidy, etc. is all services available under it. If you die here then how much sister is there

Now you can tell us how good it is, and if you want to move here to take the e-tender, then you will tender the tender of your Particular District here as you will here on August 2019. Tender has also come from August 19, starting from August 17, if you talk about your district district like Bareilly, you can make it here

CSC 3.0

And after entering Kanpur or any district captcha code, you will have to click on the button and click the download zip file, the download will start. Ok, click on it and teach it in the phone. It has been told that there are bad things here

Those who are coming separately for a little time, what will be found on the night, then here is the category, please like this and tell us not to like it at all.

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