CSC Aadhar UCL Registration 2020 Full Process

As you all know that Aadhaar work is going to start in CSC and what you need to process for it so that you can get Aadhaar work as soon as possible. So today we are going to discuss all these issues. Today we are going to tell the complete process about CSC Aadhar UCL Registration 2020, then you will definitely read it from beginning to end.

In this Post

What should be the qualifications for CSC Aadhar UCL Registration

What hardware will be used in this registration

Where do you apply registration

Where else will you get the Consent Form

How to fill Consent Form

As you all know that when the CSC Center was started, the base work was given to all CSC VLEs. And all the VLEs were doing a very good ground work. But some VLEs were rigged somewhere and due to which the base work was stopped from CSC.

But now the work of Aadhaar is going to start again, but now it has some terms and conditions which we all VLEs have to follow.
Like now we can only update Aadhaar through our CSC and cannot create a new Enrollment. There have been many changes which we will know further through this post.

CSC Aadhar UCL Registration Qualifications & Eligibility

Police verification letter
UIDAI exam certificate
IIBF Certificate
Bank BC
Educational Qualification: 10th, 12th
Police verification is not valid before 3 months, if not now, then apply.
Supervisor certificate
Soft copy of E-Aadhaar

Hardware to open CSC Aadhar Update Center

Static Ip is mandatory with a broadband connection (if you do not have one, make the connection as soon as possible
Single Iris & Single Finger Device
Camera and wheel chair at the center
Consent form will be valid for VLE only

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So whatever I have said above, you have everything, so you can apply. Now we tell you how and where to apply.
So first you click on the link given below, then a page will open in front of you as you are seeing in the image. You have to click on Simple Digital Seva Connect. And after clicking, another page will open in front of you.

CSC Aadhar UCL Registration 2020 Full Process

After clicking on the digital service connect, click on the page which will open in front of you. After clicking Proceed, the form will open in front of you. And in it you will first enter your name, CSC ID, date of birth all these things very carefully and after filling, click on submit final.

CSC Aadhar UCL Registration 2020 Full Process

Now your form has been submitted successfully. Now after this, Massage will come to your mail and you will be asked to fill the Consent Form. I have given the Consent Form below. After filling it, you have to send all the things mentioned above to Lucknow. And after that, your system mapping will be done and your base work will start.

CSC Aadhar UCL Registration 2020 Full Process

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So this was our post today, hope you liked this post.

CSC Aadhar UCL Registration 2020: Click Here

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