CSC Digital Cadet Registration Start

CSC Digital Cadet Registration Start Announces the inauguration of CSC Digital Cadet Registration Start on the occasion of 11th CSC Foundation Day by Mr. Dinesh Tyagi, CEO, CSC (Common Service Center) working under the IT Department of the Government of India! Under the Digital Cadet CSC.

Each Gram Panchayat has to appoint at least 5 cadets at its center by the CSC VLE! Due to this about 20 lakh unemployed people will be given employment. Through the Common Service Center in the government’s schemes, the people will work from house to house in the village to benefit the people! Which will help the unemployed people of the village a lot!

5 CSC Digital Cadet Registration for every CSC VLEs

Friends, in this scheme it is mandatory for each CSC Vle to appoint at least 5 Digital Cadets at their center! Is! If the area is large! So CSC vle can also employ more than 5 people!

Requirements of Digital Cadets / CSC Digital Cadet Registration

As you all know that at present, more than 500 services are available on the CSC portal, including government and non-government services.

Many more new services are added to the CSC portal every month! But CSC Vle does not work in every CSC service due to not being able to do a lot of work alone and that is why it does not reach people to know all the services they offer!

Due to this many opportunities to earn profits in business are lost! And people also do not get the benefit of those services! People have to go to a distant city for information to take advantage of those services!

Benefits of CSC Digital Cadets Registration

CSC Digital Cadet Registration to be appointed at the Common Service Center will enable major changes in rural areas and home delivery of services to the people!

At present, the Common Service Center, working with the IT department of the Government of India, in every gram panchayat of the country About 400-500 types of government and non-government services such as deposit withdrawal from a bank account, electricity bill, Aadhaar card, loan, financial, sale of farmer’s products, etc. are available!

CSC Digital Cadet Registration

Work Of Digital Cadets, CSC Digital Cadet Registration

Under the CSC Digital Cadet Registration, the CSC Digital Cadet people who are being appointed at the Common Service Center will visit the house and give information about all the services available at the CSC Center!

And from door to door – from depositing electricity bills to various types of CSC Vle, we will help in the delivery of services home!

This will increase the business of CSC vle and increase the income too! Along with this, every person in the village will also get information about the services provided by the CSC cadets!

CSC Digital Cadets Role In CSC

  • CSC Digital Cadet will have to give information about all the services available on CSC Center to the people in the village!
  • As well as providing information about home delivery services through the mobile app at home!
  • Working on the survey conducted by the government and CSC from time to time!
  • To inform the people about the schemes being provided to the people at the time of Corona and provide benefits to them!
  • Make information about government schemes accessible to people!
  • Training to use kisan E Mart!

Vle will serve the country in this way through Digital Cadets

Now CSC vle government’s weak, backward and wanted people who do not get the benefit of any kind of services or disabled, illiterate and poor people who are not able to go to the bank,

government office or other institutions! All services in need such as – Prime Minister Housing Scheme, cards for free treatment, etc. will work! This will help people a lot!

Digital Cadets Will Provide Health Services Using CSC TeleMedicine

At this time, the Tele Medicine service is running by the Government of India! In which people can consult a doctor sitting at home!

CSC Digital Cadets can also help in getting people to visit the doctor online. In such a situation, there will be special help in providing home delivery of health services in rural India through CSC Tele Medicine service.

CSC Will Provide Training to Digital Cadets

All the Digital Cadets appointed by CSC Vle will be trained on behalf of CSC SPV, the entire cost of training and skill development of CSC Digital Cadets will be borne by CSC!

Selection Of CSC Digital Cadet Platform

At the time of appointment in the CSC Digital Cadet Platform, there is a provision to give special preference to people coming from weaker sections of the society!

CSC Vle can determine the educational qualification and selection of the rest of the candidates.

Can csc vle choose their family logo in CSC Digital Cadet Registration scheme ?, CSC Digital Cadet Registration

No! In order to work on CSC Center in the CSC Digital Cadet scheme, CSC Vle can choose the person of another unemployed family in his village instead of appointing his family members!

And especially women should be promoted! CSC Vle Work can be given to any member of your family when it is very necessary for this scheme!

Distribution Of Work To Digital Cadets

After the selection of CSC Digital Cadets, the work will be distributed according to their educational qualification! Like if anyone has experience in the insurance sector!

So he has insurance work, the experience of selling the product to someone! Or he will be given the job of selling the product if he is an expert! Every cadet will be given the work to distribute according to his ability!

Salary and Incentive of CSC Digital Cadets

Let me tell you that Mr. Dinesh Tyagi CEO of CSC SPV has stated during its launch that the appointment of Digital Cadets will be incentivized by CSC Vle based on their work!

But the information about giving any monthly salary has not been confirmed yet! But according to the information received from sources, these Digital India Cadets can be given a monthly salary of Rs 1500!

CSC Will Provide Free T-Shirt & Cap, ID Card to Digital Cadets

Free T-shirts, Cap, etc. will be provided by CSC SPV for the purpose of giving uniformity to Digital Cadets appointed by CSC vle across the country!

CSC Digital Cadet Registration Process

According to the information received, the process of registration of CSC Digital Cadet will start very soon! And CSC Vle will be able to complete this process through their CSC ID!

Can you hire someone else later?

If someone does not want to work in Digital Cadet after some time after registration! So this right will be given to CSC Vle! That is such a situation, they can be registered and appointed in the future by someone else!

Appointment of New CSC Digital Cadet Registration

If someone does not want to work in CSC Digital Cadets! So after expelling the CSC Vle person from the CSC Digital Cadets scheme, you can also appoint a new applicant as a digital cadet as per the requirement!

CSC Digital Cadets Registration, CSC Requirement 2020-21

CSC Digital Cadets Bharti, CSC Requirement 2020-21, CSC Digital Cadets Recruitment 2020-21 Auspicious occasion of CSC 11th Foundation Day by Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, CEO of Common Service Center working under IT Department by Government of India CSC Digital Cadets Platform Launched! Each village under CSC Digital Cadets Bharti

All the Common Service Center programs are available in the Panchayat! And about 20 lakh unemployed people will be given employment on them and 5 unemployed cadets will be appointed at almost every common service center.

What is CSC Digital Cadet Registration and what will be their shortage?

CSC Digital Cadets can be anyone working under CSC Vle! Whose job is to provide the services of the CSC to the citizen’s home i.e. doorstep service.


Friends, any citizen of India who has knowledge about Digital Seva! Or wants to make the logo digital! Under CSC Digital Cadet Registration, you can submit your application through the nearest Common Service Center.

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Objectives of CSC Digital Cadet Registration Scheme

The only purpose of starting CSC Digital Cadets Yojana will be to provide employment to unemployed youth and CSC has become a very big institution to date! And its reach is in every area of ​​India!

People have to come to the Common Service Center to take the service of CSC! But CSC is now believing in Doorstep service! Because right now an epidemic like coronavirus has engulfed India!

In view of this problem and on the auspicious occasion of the 11th Foundation Day (CSC Diwas) of CSC, the CEOs of the CSC Digital Cadet Registration Scheme launched by Dinesh Kumar Tyagi! The aim is to get such people to get medical care!

Like a person who is unemployed! Also, CSC now wants to reach or develop its own Door Step Service Provider.


Friends, as you all know, at present, all types of government and non-governmental services are available on the CSC portal! And the number of these services is more than 500!

It is not possible to run every single VLE of CSC! In view of this same problem, a new option CSC Digital Cadets has been added to the CSC Portal! CSC Digital Cadet Registration will be a person who will work under CSC VLE i.e. they can be called CSC VLE’s helpers!

These people will receive such services of CSC to the homes of people, such as banking sector services and services that have been started at the government level! Etc. In order to benefit from these services, a certain commission is given to these people.

These CSC Digital Cadet Registration will also have to give information about CSC-related services to the people of rural areas so that they were telling these people i.e. the people of the rural areas about the common service center.

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