CSC HDFC Ergo Insurance for High Income for Every VLEs In Hindi

Today we will talk about CSC  HDFC Ergo Insurance in this post today, I am going to tell you how to do two-wheeler third party insurance from HDFC and how much commission you are going to get on a policy. Insurance is the only sector in CSC from which we can generate maximum income.

I am going to tell you all these things in this post and the whole process of third party insurance, friends, stay in this post, try this post and if you are new to my blog, please subscribe to my blog so that someone I can provide you with new updates and posts coming in.
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So first of all we come here on our Digital Seva Portal. We log in to tell you the whole process quickly. It may take you a little while the post may be long but nothing should be left out.

Today, we sign it, after signing in, we come to our CSC dashboard, after coming here, we will click Search in services, then we have searched the services.

After that we come to the search box, here we have to type HDFC. So, if you type HDFC, then friends, all the services of HDFC you are watching have come here.
So one by one I will continue to provide you all the posts. Right now we are talking about a motor third party, so we are showing here motor third party HDFC General Insurance.

If we click it from here, as soon as you click on us, then such a page of such an interface opens in front of us that is connected with an AC. So let us connect CSC HDFC Ergo today. So some kind of processing happens. This option comes in front of us here.

Motor cars Comprehensive Insurance and so this Comprehensive Insurance Smack. Now I am talking about the film Motor Third Party Insurance.
So we make the motor blessed here. Here you see, the option of two-wheeler third party insurance is coming in this second number. Two-wheeler third party CSC HDFC Ergo policy, if we are renewing this policy here, if we have done it already, then we will go on renewal and if we are not buying, then we will click external then we make sure.

CSC HDFC Ergo Insurance for High Income for Every VLEs In Hindi

So, friends, some such interface page opens in front of us, such as Insurance to Weeler. Here comes the option of, we will enter the registration number of the car. Whatever the registration number is, put your client’s car or your vehicle here.
After putting it, after that we click on the simple view from here and then we do the talking, so if we click, then in front of us, then in front of us, the option of the real owner comes here, all the company of two-wheeler.

If we select our car from any company here, then we do it here with Pay Hero Motocorp, because our car belongs to Hero. After that, what is the name of that car? Also, practice what name it is in the hero.
So if our car is HF Deluxe then take us to RJ HF Deluxe. After that it has a kick or a self-start, selfie with mac will, or smoke vatsalya, whatever your magic is, we are taking it in writing.

After that the manufacturing players have registered their car in the US, in 2018, if it is registered in 2018, then we take it from 2018, and then it comes.
City of audio, whatever your audio sounds like, MP Bara MP 42, so here we have MP 12, so Sunday we know that if you put it in Khandwa Quaid, then listen to the option in front of us nowadays by MP, we will select it from here, friends. After opting for, we opt for third party cover more than us.

So some such processing is done, friends and third party policies come in front of us if you want to get one-year-old friends.
So seven hundred fifty-two rupees, you are going to go in the new year, then for 15 thousand rupees and 42 to 56 rupees for the third year, then all these things will come before us.

CSC HDFC Ergo Insurance for High Income for Every VLEs In Hindi

Now the customer has to click on the record of one year in one year by clicking left and then as soon as we click on emotions. Some such interface is open friends. And this form opens in front of us.
Now in this form, we have to let you be here forever. Here, the name of the customer, whoever has the bike by name, is put here. Friends will read the data here. Friends, take this form here now.

If you mistake anything here, then there will be a problem at the time of claim, then you put a little mobile number of the client here, dear to you. Here too, sorry, you had to enter house number here, but if we are a village for the fun of that number, then write the name of the village, if there is no courage.

So after that as soon as you enter the PIN code here, then the state and district will automatically come, so ours today.
After that, if you have GST numbers with friends, if you have taken GST, then here you can enter your number and check it once.

We are just after checking.
When destroyed, this type of processing takes place.

After that, if the page with a detailed detail is opened in front of us, then we will have to fill in the detail of the vehicle here. Now if you think that you are living in Madhya Pradesh, then I tell you all the details of the vehicle. You put it here. CSC HDFC Ergo in Google search.

The second post is a bit long, but I will provide you the information completely, I have put it here, but here, the police definitely come in front of us, we click on the vehicle registration.

Here we have to enter the registration number, whatever is the registration number of the vehicle, we put it and after entering the vehicle registration number, we will click it in the simple conference.

So, friends, all this detail will come in front of us, when we click it on the Sodhi Deal, then this page will be opened in front of us, all the information of the vehicle in it is stuck.

Friends, now we come to our page, be indisputable on your insurance, we have a request for the engine number, so we will play it here, let us see the engine number from here, you copy this engine number to Rustom, we copy it from here.

Let’s copy and paste it here. After payment, it will be corrected by back dismantling it. After that we are from here, the chassis number, we also copy the chassis number from here and go here and paste it in place of the chess number.

If you correct this too by sending a bank SMS, friends, it would have been written in both our Gaya Bihar Battalion the registration date, then the registration date in the Radiation Card, now look into it.

If you do not know, then friends go back, you will enter the registration date written here, so we have to fill these claims, etc. Friends, if there is a mistake here, Jesus will come in the claim, then we have filled it with the computer.

Here too, we forget to enter the number, we take the direct information from friends or RTO, but if we do not take permission from the RTO at the time of valor, then we have to enter it manually.

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When we put it manually, then after taking care, then we still check. The check is all right, after that we click on Next, then here we click on one as friends.

Some such processing is done.
And here the nominee details in other details, then here we will put the name of the nominee, who is still the nominee, he will take his son here. Here we will add the age of the nominee and what is the relation here.
Here we put the nominee on it and after that, you click it in a little spelling mistake.

CSC HDFC Ergo Insurance for High Income for Every VLEs In Hindi

And next. So after next.
There may also be a slight weight gain in processing, so this detail comes in front of us.
Whatever amount of CSC HDFC Ergo policies we have from here, we either ask for the check bounce or if we ask for the check bounce, then this total policy is becoming ours. From the customer of Rs 887, we have to show you 887 rupees here and then you have to show it.

Second, the Transition Idea in front of us, if we note it, we will note the reference number or take a screenshot, then click on OK, then when we click on OK, it takes us into our wallet.
Here we have to enter our corresponding ID password first and then enter the wallet PIN. After adding the value, we will put the wallet pin and click on it, just like we will click on it.

If payment will be deducted from our account, friends have deducted the payment from our account here and this policy has come here, we have got the option of download policy and the CSC HDFC Ergo policy number has come up from here.
So when you click on the download in this, then if you click on the download, then some such processing ID will be displayed in front of you and this policy starts to be downloaded here at the bottom of it is now visible.

We will also click this question. If we click on the question, then this kind of interface will come, we make the opening folder, so now see this policy has come to you.

CSC HDFC Ergo Insurance for High Income for Every VLEs In Hindi

If you open it by clicking, then our friends have completed our policy, we will take out the printout and give it to the customer. This was the whole process from the beginning. Now let me tell you about the CSC HDFC Ergo policy, how much commission you are going to get on a policy.

So two posts will also see the whole, secondly, this policy is like jumping into a screw. There is such a policy, it has three punches. Now I talk to you about friends, in a policy you get 53 rupees.

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So you can see that if I zoom this 834 rupees a little from my account, then our policy which is made is of Rs 887 but payment from our account. You see here on motor third party insurance. 834 rupees is deducted only, you get a commission of Rs 53 on Fifty Three Rupees on a policy.

So, guys, you should start CSC HDFC Ergo at all and if you have not subscribed to my blog yet, then subscribe, do your work, do not taint things superstitious.

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