CSC Registration 2020 online Apply

Hello friends, I have come back with a very good post for you. In this post, we will know about CSC Registration 2020 online Apply

How do you register to apply CSC Registration 2020 online, by selecting CSC VLe and entering TEC number, if you are thinking that your Cast Certificate has not been generated, you can still apply,

Here I would like to tell you something, before proceeding in the post, do not think that you are not talking about chattering, whose problem is today, we will give a good solution to that problem.

Now go and start the direct pre-season, so if you do not know, then you will definitely see the post last, it will show step by step, what has to be uploaded, and what has to be filled in the form.

And this video will be shared as much as possible, because the person who has given the exam of TEC first come to the official website of CSC.

I am giving you the link, by clicking on which you will come to the website of Direct CSC Registration 2020 Online Apply. What will be the document, in which size should the document be okay, what will be the size, step by step, told.

How to register, let’s click in it and start again as VLe registration click here. Clicking has come to the official side of the top CSC registration. After coming here, you have to apply one next to Home. You will see the option, click on it.

CSC Registration 2020 online Apply

Talking about CSC registration, then we click in it, now we show you by returning the returns, right here you will see the left side, then the same is telling, okay read here carefully if you have a TEC certificate number. So you can register,

If not registered, then link is given here also for TEC certificate adjective and there is also link here, so enter TEC number, then enter the mobile number, the mobile number is the same which is linked in the base, or TEC. While registering

Enter the number you were giving the same number at the time of registration in TEC, although the same number is linked in Aadhaar, you add the link which is in the Aadhaar. Let’s say, after entering the mobile number, Captcha should fill up CSC Registration 2020 online Apply has started.

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How to register with CSC certificate number, for this, after entering it, you will click on submit, like click in Submit, see here it is telling that OTP has been sent in your mobile number, enter OTP and enter email id is ok ,

So let’s get that OTP right now, then he will send the captcha in WhatsApp now. Before that, we will also add the email id. OTP he will send it by then, he has entered this email id and has also added the captcha.

Now when you click in Submit, as soon as you click, now you can see here that it is telling that the email ID you entered was not the same email ID, that OTP was sent, Verify the OTP, then OTP has entered it Let’s post a little bit to meet again. Okay, so there was an error.

If you submit it, then look here, it is telling here, your email ID is already copied by your mobile number. Okay, everyone has it, then you will have to add an Aadhaar number or there is an option to set the gender. Gender automatic will come right here, look here, it has been mixed.

CSC Registration 2020 online Apply

Now setting the state office here, whatever your state is then U.P. Let’s set your district, whichever district is Distinguished, now the location is telling Rural or Urban, then select the antique type by selecting the ruler and you select OTP, because it is easier now telling it here Add captcha and click in Agri.

If you put your Aadhaar number on it, then you have entered the Aadhaar number here, it has lost everything, and whatever you have done so far, check it again, because if you do some mistake like Aadhaar number If you give it wrong or if you select the location type incorrectly, will it react to you, and you will not get your CSC ID,

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So we have clicked everything in Submit and have entered the details correctly, the current option has come and let it set here. Now it is telling who will verify through SMS or email, then delete the e-mail address, and sms If you select the Aadhaar number, which is the mobile number link, an OTP will be sent to the same mobile number, then click in the challenge entry no DP.

And OTP has been sent in the registered mobile number, click on OTP again, click in the valid post, the post will go last, you will know step by step in this CSC Registration 2020 online Apply

Sadar tehsil station, how can you have already entered, will come again from Aadhaar, whatever will come from the thing, then it will be understood whether CSC has sent or UIDAI, UIDAI has sent it, after inserting OTP You have to click in Validate OTP, and as soon as you click in Validate.

So look here, the form has opened here your name has come here, your dio has also come. Whatever your state has come, and when I made a post 6 months ago, or seven or eight months ago, that too. Were doing something for someone, and even today they are making first time posts.

CSC Registration 2020 online Apply

This year, U.P. Was registering for someone who was making someone’s own, for CSC Id here, the first one is telling you that you have to upload the photo, that too within 20 kb, then click here in the browser, everything we made We have kept, let’s upload this photo. Okay this is my photo,

At least 10 KV is inside here, do not look at this too, the photo has already come, now look here, it is telling that you have to enter your name, and you have to give your address in the state, the exit address which means you have a shop in main road. There is a house in the main road or in front of a school, if you want to write it, then let us show you that digital service portal is also available,

If you click on the details in my profile, you will see here, the name state district is telling me the same, here you will see the option of letter to level as well, the state district all have to take a name there and then let it go, here on the main road Let’s make it have its house and shop in the main road, now look, you have to set your sub district again,

Whatever your subject is, and after that you have to select the panchayat, then your village is to be selected. After entering the PIN code, you have to enter the post office first. They also put all the districts, because so much, now let’s select all the districts and make them panchayats, set the village, let’s select its sub-district.

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Panchayat sets up its panchayat, whatever panchayat you have selected, the village will show it here, then the village also puts it here. Look at all the distik panchayat villages have selected everything, now this point on map here You have to select by clicking, if you click in it, then you will see an option opened here,

Now here first you have to go to India, then whatever your state is inside India, you have to go inside the state, so as if you see its U.P. has become state then U.P. Already is selected, and go zooming and look here Chandauli U.P. And from this, you have to file at least for your block, look here, first you will go to Chandauli, it is set.

This is Chandauli, we will go inside it while zooming, we will see the entire detail to everyone, look here, it has started to appear, let’s take it here and then we will zoom a little or see it here Look at sakaldiha and look here, sakaldiha is coming in writing, so here we will take it a little and will look here and see what is going on.

CSC Registration 2020 online Apply

Something like this can take a little time here, so in this way you will find a little bit that at least your block reaches this point, otherwise what will happen there, it will result in a mismatch poll, then it will be your Will keep in mind that while zooming, you can see its point of map, but look here you will see UP first Have taken this point till Sakaldiha Chandauli, at least if you get it till the panchayat,

Similarly, point of map is to be flat, now let’s scroll down, and here we will see the individual to give your PAN card details, then let’s set the individual, and click in the Verify to enter the PAN number, then you will have to give your account number. Current account or saving account is to upload his IFSC code, his number, his cancellation check,

That too should be within 10 to 80.Cancel check is ok, give the account number, then watch the KYC document, the KYC document can give the Aadhaar card here, set the driving license from the Aadhaar card and upload the KYC document here, click on it At that time, we will click, it will check in it to meet you, so that’s why we put it all immediately.

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Next your individual or company, whatever is the PAN card number, your wallet will enter your PAN number, then you have to click in the verification, like if you click in the verification, your PAN which will validate if it is the right number, then it will bring the MY Profile.

And below we will scroll down and remember that the current account has been set current, what is the name in an account, have entered the account holder, put the IFSC code, so the IFSC code is done here. Will take, which bank has an account and where is this bank, that too will bring automatic.

CSC Registration 2020 online Apply

The rest is to give the name of your branch head branch and if there is any number of the branch along with it, then give the contact number, if not,

Give it to yourself or else give the number of someone around the branch, so that it can be valued If he ever gets a call, he can tell the details of the branch. We would put the name of the branch here in whichever branch it has its address in.

You will see the branch has been entered, the contact number has been entered and the account number has been entered, you upload this check book should not be more than 10 KB inside.

Is uploading now or else you will see here, it is telling that right now it should be within 10 to 40 kV, you have kept writing from 10 to 80 but it is telling that from 10 to 40 you upload Have to reduce this considerably, its KB because if you go to build it within 40 kV, then the quality will be very bad,

Now look like uploading your Aadhaar card, click on submit, if you click on submit, look here, CSC validation has completed, copy your reference number generated or keep it printed here,

See the last post, and how to do the operation, after that how to check the status in the application number, how long will the DigiMail come CSC ID will make the next post with complete details, and all the subscribers if I are constrained. Find out how to get CSC ID.

So you guys learned that CSC Registration 2020 online Apply

So I hope you all liked the information, share this post with everyone. Till now, refer to CSC, then like sharing the post more and more, if you like then go to like the post.

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