CSC Telemedicine Services in just 1 Rupees

CSC Telemedicine Services: Friends, due to not having a doctor in the rural areas of India, the people there do not get timely treatment! In view of this problem, Telemedicine Services have been started by the Government of India through CSC.

CSC Telemedicine Services will now be able to provide good medical service to the people of the village! And now the people of the village will not have to go to the city to get medical service! Due to this, their money will also be less spent! And time will also be saved!
And with this, you will be able to consult through good doctors.

Benefits of CSC Telemedicine Services

The people of the village had to go to the city to get medical services from a doctor! Due to this, the people of the village had to face a lot of problems! In view of this,

The CSC SPV, an organization working under the IT department of the Indian government, started the CSC Telemedicine Service to provide the facility of consultation with a good doctor sitting at home through its CSC VLEs center!

What is CSC Telemedicine

CSC Telemedicine is the only platform! In some states, it is permissible to consult Allopathic, Homeopathic, and Ayurvedic Doctors in addition to Unani doctors! CSC can only buy medicines and supplies for the patient according to the prescription!

CSC Telemedicine is a type of Video Conference Based Medical Service! In this, anyone can get their medical consultation from a good doctor sitting in the city through their nearest CSC center! And by purchasing medicines prescribed by the doctor, you can solve your problem.


Just 1 Rs. consulting Best doctors

People suffering from other diseases are afraid to come to hospitals due to fear of corona infection! And doctors are also afraid of getting infected themselves! At such times,

Common Service Center (CSC) Telemedicine has emerged as a better option! In this, after registering in one rupee, people go to the hospital and are getting advice from doctors on the phone!

Will be able to avail medical facility till 31 May

People will get the benefit of this feature of CSC Telemedicine Services only till 31 May! Telemedicine services were started at these centers during the last Lockdown too! Many patients were benefited during the coronary period! Now this CSC Telemedicine Service has been started!

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