How to know if your credential file is created in Aadhaar UCL

Hello friends, all of you know that the process of improving CSC UCL Registration 2020 CSC Aadhaar data through Common Service Center is going to start soon. The same friends, registration for Aadhaar UCL has also started if you have registered. What to do next and how will you know if your credential file has been created or not, what services will you get in Aadhaar UCL, and how to install Aadhar UCL registration CSC software I want to give you complete information below through this post.

Full Aadhar UCL software Installation 


Find out how your credential has been created or not in CSC Aadhaar UCL

  • Have you registered in CSC for Aadhaar UCL?
  • If you have registered, then only you will be able to check your credentials.
  • If the credential sleeps on checking then you will be able to work in Aadhaar UCL
  • UCL aadhar enrollment agency, it is mandatory to have bank bc to take CSC

If you also want to work in UCL Aadhar enrollment agency CSC and you have registered yourself in CSC, then below I am giving a link to two websites with the help of which you will be able to check your Aadhaar UCL credential list where you Type NSEIT or Sify certificate number

And you have to type the mobile number you gave during Sify certificate registration, after that, you will be able to check your name in your cadence very easily.

CSC UCL Registration 2020

  • After coming to this portal of, you people will have to type their NSIT certificate number.
  • And clicking on the generated access code will be a one time password on your email id or your mobile number.
    You have to intercept that one-time password there.
  • If your one-time password does not come on your mobile or email, then you understand that your credential is not active yet.
  • If you come, understand that your credential UCL Aadhar enrollment agency is ready for CSC.


After coming to another website, you people have to adopt the same procedure and you have to check the status by typing the CP certificate number and mobile number for your UCL Aadhar enrollment agency CSC credential.

CSC UCL Registration 2020 CSC click on the website link on the second one above, you will come to this page, after coming to this page, you people type in your NSEIT number and the mobile number that you gave while filling the NSIT online form. Press the submit button below. Your status will be auspicious whether your credential is ready for Aadhaar UCL or not.

CSC UCL Registration 2020 Step by step process

The great news is coming out for all CSC VLE operators. From today UCL Aadhar enrollment agency CSC has started. In today’s post, you will learn how to do Aadhar UCL registration CSC as well as what documentation is required to do Aadhar Center Registration. Mika is found again after 4/5 years.


To make CSC VLE an Aadhaar card, now CSC is going to start all its CSC Aadhar Center. If you also want to open the Aadhar Center from CSC. So read till the last

UIDAI has given permission to CSC Common Service Center to improve Aadhaar Card. Shree Ravi Sankar Parsad has given information to all CSC Vle in his Twitter account by twit Apr 27, 2020. Cited by CSC. Any type of improvement in the Aadhar Card can be done through the Common Service Center. And finally, from today UCL Aadhar enrollment agency CSC has started.

CSC UCL Registration 2020

PC/LAPTOP AVAILABLE AS PER UIDAI Guidelines * (CSC UCL Registration 2020 )

CSC UCL Registration 2020

Requirements Documents for CSC UCL Registration 2020

  • CSC id UCL Aadhar enrollment agency CSC
  • VLE Bank BC Code & Name Of Bank Issuing BC Code
  • Aadhar NSEIT Operator/Supervisor Certificate
  •  Police Verification Copy Not more than three months old
  • Operator/Supervisor Aadhar
  • Separate Laptop With TPM 2.0 chip (Trusted Platform Module) And Colour Multifunction Printer for UCL
  • Singel Iris $ fingerprint Scan Device Available
  • GPS device
  • TFT Monitor
  • Waiting Area Space For Sitting of 5 citizens
  • Broadband Connection
  • CCTV Camera
  • Ramp And Wheelchair for Divyang jan
  • Token System / Machine
  • Toilet Facility

But all CSC VLEs should remember that not all CSC operators will get the work of UCL Aadhar enrollment agency CSC. A few selected VLEs have been selected. Which will be able to do the work of improving the Aadhaar card. So let’s know who will get the job of improving the Aadhaar card free of cost from CSC.

Recently Ravi Shankar Parsad and CSC CEO Dr. Dinesh Tyagi’s Twitter Account Twit |
According to information not received by Twitter Account, the work of improving the Aadhar card (CSC BC Agent) will be given to the CSC bank Mitra operators only. As stated by CSC-VLE, initially UIDAI has given the approval to open 20000 Aadhaar center. And CSC this Aadhar center is currently just starting from Bank Mitra Centers. So if you are also working as a Bank Mitra. So you can get the job of UCL Aadhar enrollment agency CSC.

So let’s know the CSC Aadhar center registration process

  1. CSC Aadhar Center Registration Link Click Here
  2. CSC-VLE Name with UCL Aadhar enrollment agency CSC
  4. CSC any VLE Bank BC Code
  5. Name of Bank issuing VLE BC Code
  6. State Where CSC is Located
  7. District Where CSC is Located
  8. Pincode of Where CSC is Located
  9. CSC Center Complete Address
  10. VLE email id
  11. VLE Mobile Number
  12. Aadhar NSEIT Operator/Supervisor Certificate Upload
  13. Operator/Supervisor Police Verification Certificate Upload

CSC UCL Registration 2020


    1. Operator/Supervisor EAadhar Upload
    2. Mobile Number Linked with Aadhar
    3. Operator/Supervisor Alternate Mobile Number
    4. Operator/Supervisor Alternate email id-
    5. Laptop Available as per UIDAI
    6. Colour Multifunction Printer Available – Yes/No
    7. Singel Fingerprint device Available – Yes/No
    8. Singel IRIS Device Available- Yes/No
    9. TFT Monitor Device Available – Yes/No
    10. GPS Device Available – Yes/No
    11. Photo Upload a Waiting Area Space For Sitting of 5 citizens
    12. Broadband Connection Type
    13.  A CCTV Camera
    14.  Upload RAMP And Wheelchair for Divyang Jan
    15. Photo Upload Token System / Machine Available
    16. Toilet Facility Yes/No
    17. Enter Captcha
    18. Declare Box Tik And Submit
    19. CSC Aadhar Center Registration Link Click Here

CSC UCL Registration 2020.

UCL Aadhar enrollment agency CSC / Aadhaar Correction Center Online Registration for CSC Vle bank Bc Seeing the problems being faced by the common man for revising and improving their Aadhaar card logo by CSC Vle ie CSC E-Governance Services India Limited Has given permission to CSC SPV to do the work of Aadhaar Correction and Aadhaar Update, after which it has been announced to open around 20000 Aadhaar Update Centers through CSC vle in the first phase, so today in this post we will give you CSC Aadhaar Will give full information about the opening of the center.

Honorable Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji posted information from his Twitter handle, stating that in view of public problems, once again the service of Aadhar UCL registration CSC has been allowed to be started through CSC Vle, in which the CSC in the first phase About 20000 vles of bank bc which will also be done through them.


According to the information received at the present time, all the CSC Vles working with Bank Mitra along with CSC to open ucl Aadhar enrollment agency CSC through CSC will be done only.

According to which now with CSC from all over the country. About 20000 bank friends are connected, then only these Vles will be allowed to open Aadhaar center in the first phase, so if you want to open Aadhaar Center with CSC, then it is very important for you to have a CSC bank Mitra, In such a situation, you can learn how to make CSC Bank Mitra from the link given below.


In order to open CSC Aadhaar Correction i.e. CSC Aadhaar Correction Center, all CSC Vles must pass the NSEIT Supervisor / Operator Exam, click on the link given below for Uidai Exam and Application Process. Aadhar UCL registration CSC.

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