New Aadhaar Centre Registration Start

In this post we will tell you that New Aadhaar Centre Registration

In this post, first, also tell that the new CSC VLE cannot get the queue. The work of the Aadhaar center is a normal thing. The new CSC VLE will not have a BC id, along with the certificate of Aadhaar, which is too late to do. Will go CSC will only give 20000 Aadhar center. By the time the new VLE will be connected. By then 20000 Aadhar center will be booked.

With the medium of CSC and 16000, Aadhar Center work has started, we will give full information through this post. Good News CSC Aadhar Update Center for all CSC VLE What we mean is that a total of 20000 Aadhar centers were to be opened in the whole of India when all of you know CSC has started only 4000 Aadhar center, the rest 16000 base. The center opening has started.

6 important things that you should have to start the Aadhaar center, the 4000 Aadhaar update has already started in CSC 4-5 months. And how many targets were put 20000 left and 16000 base center work started, let’s first know that the new CSC VLE cannot get the base work.

The basic things required to take New Aadhaar Centre Registration: –
Must be

New Aadhaar Centre Registration

  • 1 CSC ID
  • 2 CSC VLE should have Bank Mitra (BC/BF) from CSC.
  • 3 NSEIT certificate should be, (means Aadhaar exam certificate)
  • 4 You must have Broadband Connection, with static IP
  • 5.It is mandatory to have 5 PC or Laptop I 5, 10th, TPM 2.0 Ver.
  • 6.Character certificate

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New Aadhaar Centre Registration Process

Therefore, it is mandatory for us to have all the above-mentioned material in our CSC center to take the work of Aadhaar UCL and Aadhaar update. After registration after this, please contact your district manager once. To know more about this, go to

Click Here—>> New Aadhaar Centre Registration



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