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Hello friends, welcome to your own CSC Vle Support, in today’s post, the friends who talk about a new service of CSC RPL Registration Process Through CSC  can avail this service to all CSC.

As you can see here, RPL Registration Process Through CSC has given Deepawali offered by CSC, all you vle will get a commission of up to ₹ 8000/-, do not miss the opportunity.

Complete information, friends in this post, what is this service and how will get ₹ 8000 commission In this post.

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First of all, you have to log in to your digital service portal and after logging in here you will get this kind of interface.

Here you will have a make menu bar where you will be getting a lot of best shows, after this, you will get all kinds of services, here you will also see a short cut option.

But you have to click on the school option like you will click on the post here, you will be getting here about many types of skill service.

After this, you do not have to pay attention to anyone here, here you are having an RPL service show. There I am going to tell you about this service.

RPL Registration Process Through CSC

RPL Registration Process Through CSC

Because from this service you can get a commission of ₹ 8000 from each candidate, will train a government through online medium and get the paper done and the government will provide you a commission of ₹ 8000.
If you did not register, then to register,

you will have to click on the option of Two Apply Kindly Register, you will click on it.
Here, you will be asked to fill in the address of your center.

Here you can see the area if you do so and here, then after that, here you have to set your name address here and you can set two as you But you can see.

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Vle details will be asked in front of you, here you will have the name of vle, the highest qualification CID already, to enter the email id.

RPL Registration Process Through CSC

If you give me the details, then by checking the box here, the details will be yours here, you can see here.
After this you have to next here, after this, the location of your training center will be asked.

The details of the wedding of your computer here, the details of your eyes, inside and outside of your eyes here, make you feel filtered here, after how much your classroom, here you have to pay by clicking on the simple option.

And your center will be in two to three weeks and you will be able to get a commission of ₹ 8000 from the candidate easily.

If you did not register, then by registering quickly, you will benefit from this post. If you liked this post, please do comment.

RPL Registration Process Through CSC——  Click Here


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