STATIC IP Solution to the problem of Rural areas

If people want to start Aadhaar work and if you have not yet got a STATIC IP Solution or broadband connection, then this post is going to be obliged to you people, so Hello Friends as told to you that it has been received by CSC.

That all people will have to provide a STATIC IP Solution address broadband connection only then their Aadhaar update center will start working. So as you know, most of your CSCs are mostly VLE brothers working in their villages, where broadband connection is not the only broadband connection available today.

Our brothers are working in the market remote area. If you are working in the rural area, then the man has brought its solution. So let me talk first. People who live in the town where the tower of some company or tower is Jalandhar of BSNL.

You will know that if there is a big town, then there is definitely a tower of BSNL. So if you have a BSNL tower, you will have a broadband connection of BSNL at BSNL’s order posts, Bandabad post and office and bank, then you can take a cable connection from there.

But the cable connection is one of your problems that in cable connection you never have a line There will be a mess or there will be something wrong and as you told, BSNL is your government service in any way or government work.

You know in which way you will have to go around BSNL target daily and if you run your internet for 10 days in a month First of all, I want to make you clear one thing is that what is the state high pay dance, your static IP address, the way your Aadhaar card number is in your name, similarly the static IP address is your fixed ID number.

STATIC IP Solution

Ada of internet which will be your number, which will not be your channel, your aqua which you will get, that will run your internet at the same address, then you will first understand one thing that if you are thinking that there will be an import of static IP address Otherwise, there is a very large import of Estate Ticaye which is the version given to CSC VLE for this white-listed device in the same file with Ambika, only when your CSC Kujur Static IP will be seen.

This static IP CSC will send your validity to I.
From there, when this static IP will be listed on your white, then when you connect on your laptop on this broadband on this broadband, then only then it will be done on the birthday and only then your laptop will be registered.

Then first thing you should do is kill the status. If it is not there, then you will not be able to work. Then after that I give you the solution. If you are the tower available here, then once you go and get the content in BSNL exchange, tobacco coated paper is unable to go. You have to contact the senior divisional near the SDO of your area.

I did it now. I got a broadband connection and I did not take BSNL. I have taken a third party from internet service providers. And my absolutely rural area is 50 km from where I have a tomato in sight and there is no broadband service provider in the vicinity.

I will not do this at all to the video that I tell you. So first of all I tell you about BSNL, I will give you this gender in the description box, here you have to choose your area and come in your circle.

So you can search for gender for UP. Today I have Etawah, so I chose you in Etawah, after this, you did all the officers in front of Polish Nickel. Looking to search you there JTO Broadband. But this servant Satpal ji, yes I contacted Gaya Din in his office.

Now he himself refused that you should not take broadband connection, it is okay for BSNL because you will be very upset we will neither have your lineman Anna for service. There is nothing, even if you have got your connection done only once, you feel stressed and you get messed up in the middle, then you will also know.

And you know if there is a cable connection, sometimes the wire will be disconnected, if the wire is broken then you will be worried. After that, let me tell you that one of your BSNL brothers, I have the service of BSNL which is a later service, if some of the states available in your area have been closed like Chhattisgarh, Sauri, Chhattisgarh,

STATIC IP Solution

I will not give you some Rajma Mangal. So except in those states where you are also in UP and these services started selling commercial services. You can take it, there will be no need of any cable. If there is any BSNL tower in the range of 15 km from your village. Do not go to the tower of addiction in a big range of 15 kilometers.

like a big BSNL exchange STATIC IP Solution where a server of Bai Max is installed. By Max’s India is mounted in such a way that a different antenna seems different, some of its devices seem to be in your tower. So it is anywhere in your 15 km range from home eg. Some people like you, your district falls within a range of 15 km, you can contact the worship of the contact there.

I told you, do not work anywhere, do not do the contact of petty puja, directly, the old senior divisional officer of your SDO who There is a high official of your bad section, contact there, he will tell you to do the same back. One day, you will have no idea why you should not make small towers.

Ranger and user friendly plans that you have written about something and I tell you the first hurdle. If you take a STATIC IP Solution by selling, then the first thing you have to do is to take a plan above 1299. At the same time, after taking the plan above 12 ninety-nine, you will have to pay rent of Rs 2000 per year for Stuttgart too.

So you will have to pay at least such a charge yourself, because you can take small plans anyway, but from the States also you will have to take a plan above India 99 only then you will get a STATIC IP Solution address. You want to do some data for some people that some people think that take the Internet directly from the satellite.

If the Internet directly descends from above, it does not happen. If that were the case then everybody would have got a tower in their house if it would have been so easy because the earth which is your satellite, what it means to you is its 10:15 column, if it sits 15 thousand kilometers above the earth and the sounds that revolve around it The signal that will come till today, even if you buy a router, WiFi.

Which ranges from your room to other rooms, does not seem to have any value and if you take a device of such a long range, then you will not know how much it will cost if you do not know Satellite Internet provides amazing pan Airtel Provision, but it will cost you a minimum of 80 90 thousand rupees and for those people who lease large Industi Rawal in a thick area.

They provide satellite internet which is connected to their direct satellite. The one that is your tower is also connected to the dark satellite. Now one more thing you would like to claim is your TV channel. The fans in Bharat Broadband Network Limited and they will tell you after that, first of all, Bharat Broadband Network Limited would tell you that this is your WiFi Chaupal.

In this also you will get an IP address, but to get an IP address in it, you have to have peace with your VLE because you know how much information the VLE would have, there you will not get any solution of that which your rule 46 should give to the service.

STATIC IP Solution

No solution is going to be received, which is your Bharat Broadband Network Ltd. This is your WiFi Chaupal, this is also your BSNL’s Internet. The fiber cable that comes out of BSNL is the power cable where your IPS is installed where it is installed and the network Vesta is responsible for carrying the power responsibilities ahead of it.

But this is also from BSNL which will bring your fiber cable from internet, it will come from BSNL tower to your VLE. 2 Thinking that Direct Internet leaps from the sky directly above you, it is not that it would hit your tower so much and I have also taken the connection of Airtel, but that Airtel Direct.

I do not have fiber cable here. He is a third party internet service provider, he has set up his own set of servers in my district in the district where he has fiber cable from Airtel.
They have taken internet and after putting up their 160, now when I go 50 km away from the other one, now my tehsil which is 10 km away from me, all the district is located there 10 km away from where they put an assistant from my internet.

They set up and who came to their district 10 kilometers away who seemed to be experts in my tehsil.
From there, they started it by selling net working hours, so a promise killer should say that the one who will not land on the Internet. Now, after that, I will tell you how much you spend on your expenses.

These are the third party internet service providers in which almost you. If 15 thousand lenders would like to do a limit first and if you move from Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh to Bilang, then you will get a broadband connection without any fear.

No one will give you the tension in the contact number, in the contact box. For that number web content whose charge will be 15 thousand rupees because the agent paid the money. Two of your memories in this one comes this antenna, I am Critic whose price is 9 to 10 thousand rupees SD Negi Uday only and which comes to you. But the cable.

Which is available on the internet, charges it at Rs 6 per meter and you get a WiFi router. If these three things come to you, if the price of the WiFi router was two to three thousand rupees, then I got the total spent on 15 thousand rupees and out of which 2 thousand rupees which is its tariff plan, plan static IP and internet plans, those two rupees.

If it is 13000 bit, then I have been charged so much for 2000 package plan.
So let me go and get a broadband connection and how do I introduce that those who are a third party internet service provider in our area who have taken the network from Airtel, my setup, their approach and their setup 10 km from here in my Tehsil But also.

Similarly, you can also take commercial service of BSNL. Nowadays they were setting up the network, they used to network on two networks, one was their network and one was charging Y Max network, so I wanted to take BSNL’s Bai Max also if we can Ease.

If you do not know how to do your problem in this way, you will have to reach the answer of your BSNL Exchange SDO in this way that the providers will find you there today. The brokers who run this method keep you in contact with the BSNL office because BSNL does not provide service. So in this way you will get the providers, contact them.

So now they will make your connection if you and they are biling from the district, they can contact me, I will give you the number in the description box. However, if I get your broadband connection done, the solutions have been finalized for you.

Either you get Bansal’s Y Max. And what did I do for the content, I told you to the SDO with the senior divisional officer in the office and either you are a third party, if you come and if there is a big city in the range of 10 15 km, then you will have someone.

You will not be able to be a provider, in this way, you will know that by going to the BSNL office, you can be from the SDO there, they are not aware of HT because in this way VoIP providers are there, if they keep a contact in the BSNL office.

And if you wifi chaupal of the third solution, then here you in this customer service in contact. In the customer service, you will call from the helpdesk number. BB Anal will give you information about how you will get dance on this cow.

So Finance Solution, you must have understood that while doing this Prasanna Yogi Yadav: Take Balmiki and if everybody does, you can contact me and you can go to BSNL office and get the number of any third party, by the third party service provider so that you The contract is also one of the things to be created through mill laboratory traffic and let me tell you that this form has been provided to you by CSC to fill STATIC IP Solution.

Now I show you maybe I will have you the form where your status also failed. In it, you must also put some data exactly right. If you enter the STATIC IP Solution wrong then your entire process will be canceled and all the devices you purchase will be wasted, your money will be completely drowned, so if you have any problem now You can comment.

Would have liked it and this is the final solution if someone tells you to take it on an internet website Tikona Broadband, it is nothing or you will be here. If you can get this, then these are the two ways. Previously I had also gone to the SDO office.

I thought that BSNL’s cable was available with me, but they refused to make a cable connection by the SDO.
Then I got my contact with one of the third party day service providers who were the SDO of BSNL, they made my connection, which was charged Rs 15,000. Thank you.

Some Service Provider

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